5 Canva Ai Tools to Improve Your Design Workflow

5 Canva Ai Tools to Improve Your Design Workflow

Leveraging AI to your favor is the key for a high performing workflow. You will not only get more done in less time, which is awesome, you can also simplify your processes and get immediate and effortless creations.

As the landscape continues to change, successful tools understand the need for adaptation. Canva, a popular graphic design platform, has recently introduced the "Brand New Era" kit, featuring numerous AI tools. Today, we'll focus on the ones you absolutely can't afford to miss. So let's dive in, discover the best of the best and enhance your design workflow.


Elevate Your Design Workflow with These 5 Canva AI Tools

1. Magic Write: AI Text Generator

While it's not as evolved as Chat GPT, Magic Write offers a similar experience. Canva recognizes the importance of delivering a strong message for your business, and they provide the inspiration you need within their platform. 

With Magic Write, you can create a copy without the need for external copywriting tools and that is the main advantage for us.

Think of it as having an assistant that can help you craft messages for social media such as captions, providing brainstorming and inspiration to enhance your overall communication.


2. Magic Design: AI Design Generator

Choosing the right template from thousands available in Canva can be time-consuming. 

But now, Magic Design generates design ideas that match your content. No more stress, simply start by inserting your media, such as a photo, and it will provide you with customizable templates that perfectly suit your needs. 

Make sure you are adding more details such as style, headline, vibe and more for the best results.


3. Magic Edit: AI Photo Editor

No need for complex photo editing software anymore.

With Magic Edit, you can quickly enhance your visuals without leaving Canva. Replace parts of an image that don't meet your preferences, all within seconds.

It's an efficient way to achieve natural-looking, polished visuals without the hassle. It is not perfect yet, but sure it will get better. 



4. Text-to-image

One of our favorite and highly valuable tools is the Text to Image feature. It empowers you to transform your ideas into visually captivating designs using just text. So easy!

You have complete freedom to provide as many details as you'd like about the image you want to include in your design. The more details you provide, the better the results will be. Moreover, you can select specific effects to further enhance the image, and then choose from the range of resulting options available to you. Look at the example below:


5. Translate

If translation is a frequent task for you in Canva, then you're in for a treat. With the help of AI technology, translating text into different languages has become incredibly simple.

Here's how it works: while working on your original page in the original language, you'll find the "translate" option within the Canva apps. 

Canva will automatically duplicate the page without the need to create a separate copy. This means you'll have both the original page in its original language and the duplicated page perfectly adjusted and ready to go in your preferred language. This will save you tons of time!



It's important to remember that these tools work best when used with specific prompts and clear intentions. We recommend you avoid vague statements to achieve the best results.

Our intention is to help you save time and streamline your design process, while these tools continue to improve and evolve. We will continue to provide valuable insights and updates, so stay tuned. For additional tips and the latest updates, be sure to follow us on social media to enhance your Canva design experience.

We hope you found this information helpful and that you discovered new ways to make your creative life easier. Stay connected with us for more exciting content to come!


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