Beautiful Canva Font Pairings to Make Your Business Graphics Stand Out

Beautiful Canva Font Pairings to Make Your Business Graphics Stand Out

When it comes to design, fonts have a profound impact on our final output. It's no surprise that you often find yourself contemplating the age-old question: 'Which fonts go well together?' Yes, we understand the struggle, and that's precisely why we're here to offer a helping hand.

So, what can you expect from this guide? Here, we'll share valuable tips on enhancing the text in your designs, accompanied by a selection of the best font pairings ready-to-use on Canva. Whether you're looking to add a different touch to your social media posts, curate wedding invitations, or level up your website visuals, you've come to the right place. Why wait? Let's dive in!


How to choose the right font pairings

Keep it Clean

You don't need a multitude of fonts. In fact, limiting yourself to no more than two fonts can make all the difference in achieving a cohesive and effective design while keeping it minimalistic.

Also, please consider your overall project and brand style, and choose a pairing that complements and enhances your message. 

Remember, awareness of your brand's style and message is key.


Play Nicely With the Contrast

Without contrast, your design can look flat and uninteresting and we certainly don’t want that. 

By using contrast in your typography, you can guide your audience's eyes to the most important elements of your design. There are several factors that contribute to contrast in a design, including: lightness, size, color, shape, and texture.

Then, use balance and harmony to create a unique design that reflects your brand's personality.


Test Your Work

Now, take it one step further and bring that vision to life by testing your font pairings, not only imagine it but try it and feel it. 

When designing in Canva, you can experiment and tweak easily until you achieve the ultimate level of consistency, readability, and engagement in your graphics.

Take the time to analyze and identify any potential improvements and don’t ever settle.


Canva fonts pairing that go well together

If you are seeking a specific font pairing for Montserrat, Open Sans, or any other font that is already on your Canva Brand Kit, we have great options here!

Explore this unique list of font combinations below. You might discover a new favorite font that you hadn't considered before!


  • Hatton + Muli Regular


  • Dream Avenue + Muli Bold


  • Quiche + Nunito Sans Regular 


  • Lovelace + Open Sans

Lovelace and open sans font combo

  • Marcellus + Montserrat


  • Tan Aegean + Raleway


  • Chloe + Nunito Sans


  • Gilda Display + Poppins


  • Belleza + Josefin Sans Regular


  • Oswald + Muli Regular


  • Tan Mon Cheri + Montserrat 

canva fonts

  • Playfair Display + Montserrat


  • Cormorant + Raleway


  • Maharlika + Lato


  • Migra Extra Light + Tenor Sans


  • Forum + Glacial Indifference


  • Yeseva one + Open Sans


Tips for using font pairings in Canva

To have a smooth and effective process when applying your complimentary fonts in Canva, here are some recommendations to keep in mind:


Adjust Font Size

Not too small or too big. It's essential to find a balance that makes the text easily readable and user-friendly making it adaptable for every screen or format. 

After all, the purpose of font pairing is to enhance your message and make it the most accessible to your target audience.


Adjust Spacing

Play around with line spacing, letter spacing, and word spacing to find the perfect balance between readability and visual appeal.

Have in mind that, too much space can make your text look disjointed, while too little can make it feel cluttered. 

Experiment until you find the spacing that feels just right for your design and it is relatable with your background and other elements.


Align Your Text

Use grids in order to place your text just in the right place, this will help with the consistency of your layout. 

Canva also offers different alignment options, including left, center, and right, try those, while having in mind the size and amount of wording. 

Font pairing is a small yet significant piece in the puzzle of graphic design. It can be the key element that ties everything together or it can be the missing piece that keeps a design from reaching its full potential. 

By taking into account all the other design elements such as layout, hierarchy, and color, you can ensure that your font pairing complements your overall design and messaging. So, take the time to experiment on your next project in Canva and if you’ve liked this, be sure to stick around for more tips, tricks, and inspiration. 

Let's create together!

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