Canva Element Keywords You Need To Try For Beautiful Aesthetic Designs

Canva Element Keywords You Need To Try For Beautiful Aesthetic Designs

"Design is so simple that's why it's so complicated" said Paul Rand and his words ring true! 

Canva's extensive library of design elements can sometimes make finding the perfect look for your project a bit stressful. However, there's no need to worry. Whether you're into minimalism, boho vibes, retro feels, or an aesthetic style, we have tips and inspiration to help you navigate the process with ease. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of elements together!

Canva Elements Keywords for Minimal Design  

Over time, we've come to appreciate simplicity as a treasure. That's why minimal design has become so popular. Its main goal is to deliver a clean and uncluttered design that clearly communicates a message while being visually appealing to the eye. 

Check out these variety of keywords in Canva that are specifically dedicated to this popular layout: 

  • Monoline 
  • Aesthetic leaves 
  • Window shadow 
  • Minimalist flower 
  • Ripped paper 
  • Abstract line 
  • Line Art 
  • Topography 
  • Leaf shadow

Canva Elements for Boho Design 

For free-spirited individuals who love to bask in the beauty of nature and savor the simple joys of life, boho elements are made for you! This style blends a range of natural symbols, including the sun, rainbows, desert landscapes, and open spaces, which are combined with earthy colors and layered patterns. 

Let's take a look at some keywords in Canva that can come in handy to find these elements: 

  • Boho aesthetic  
  • Boho sun elements  
  • Bohemian wall art 
  • Boho abstract shape  
  • Boho logo frame 

Small businesses in industries related to wellness, home decor, homemade goods, floristry, and nature-inspired products can benefit from including these elements in their branding and marketing to create the perfect vibe that resonates with their audience. 

Canva Elements Keywords for Retro Design 

Take a trip down memory lane to the 70's and remember the bold colors and striking elements of retro design everywhere. The use of geometric shapes, patterns, and textures is essential for this type. But have you ever wondered why retro design is making a comeback? Well, it's all about the expressive and individualistic flair it brings to the creative scene.

Add vibrancy and energy to your designs with a burst of lively colors using these beautiful elements that you can easily find by searching these keywords: 

  • Retro shapes 
  • 90 aesthetic 
  • Retro background 
  • Groovy 
  • Distorted

Retro designs can work very well for small businesses in the fashion, music, food, and beverage industries. That said, if you like the retro vibe, you can use it for your business regardless of its industry. One thing is certain…Seems like retro design is here to stay!

Canva Elements Keywords for Aesthetic Design 

Aesthetic design is more than just a trend; it's a captivating artistic approach that aims to convey a particular feeling in people. Its biggest asset is the ability to evoke emotions through the use of colors, textures, and expression elements that can make you feel up-to-date.

Discover a world of possibilities for aesthetic graphics with these amazing element in Canva: 

  • Brutalist 
  • Blur circle 
  • Gradient background 
  • Watercolor shape 


Canva Elements Keywords for Original Frames 

Frames are crucial because they can also be used to create a sense of unity and coherence by bringing together disparate elements within a design. They're also an excellent tool to draw attention to specific elements and guide the viewers to where you want them to be. 

Let's not forget the power of an appealing frame that matches your layout and try these in Canva: 

  • Irregular frame 
  • Frame line  
  • Ripped Frame  
  • Blob with shadow frame 

These can be a great addition to your composition when you want to emphasize a specific element or photo, group related elements together for a cohesive look, or create a border that adds more visual interest to your layout. 

We hope this blog post has brought you inspiration and helped you choose the perfect style for designing your next graphic for your business. Now, we'd love to hear from you! Which design style resonates with you the most: retro, aesthetic, or minimalistic elements?
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